About Me

My advertising career began just as seismic shift was starting in advertising and media. Shortening attention spans and the hyper-targeting of ads have made it more important than ever to deliver engaging content to the appropriate consumer. From creating 06s social videos to 30s national TV spots, websites and web banners, I’ve created seamless campaigns that hit the right touch points for the right targets. 

I’ve always approached campaigns with the same goal in mind - from foreign cars to QSRs, lotteries to laser-hair removal - the content must resonate while also building on the brand’s identity. Previous clients include Kia, Scion, Jack in the Box, Red Bull, American Express and Nestle Waters.

In addition to advertising, I’m an avid runner, yogi and triathlete. I am passionate about cooking, meditating and pushing my boundaries in hopes of greater self-discovery. Los Angeles is now my home and becomes more exciting every day as it continues to become an even greater hotbed for creative thinking, career opportunities and outdoor pursuits. The challenges are endless in this city, but the journey is always as fun as meeting any goal.